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New online catalogue of investment opportunities in Slovenia

SPIRIT Slovenia has established a comprehensive online catalogue of investment opportunities in Slovenia.

The catalogue, which is available through the SPIRIT Invest Slovenia web portal (, enables users to search, view and export information on current investment opportunities in PDF format. The service is free of charge, in English and Slovenian, and is publicly available to both investment project promoters and potential investors looking for projects to invest in.

The digital tool enables users to search by different criteria, such as by region, type of investment project (land, building, new real estate, etc.), sector and price. There is also an option of exporting information in a PDF format, which may include, in addition to information on selected projects, latest information on a specific sector and / or important information about Slovenia. There are currently more than 80 investment opportunities in various fields, but only those that have all the required information in the selected language are visible in the online catalogue.

SPIRIT Slovenia has developed a central database and an online catalogue of investment opportunities in order to establish a system for investment opportunity management, where all stakeholders within the investment ecosystem in Slovenia are interconnected and have access to latest information. Therefore, the Agency will work towards including in its central database investment opportunities from other sources (such as Bank Asset Management Company, ministries, municipalities, economic entities and others) as well as other relevant information (such as major commercial real estate projects, hotels, tourist resorts, business zones, degraded areas, etc.) to provide the so-called 'One-stop shop' service in the field of investment opportunities.

The online catalogue of investment opportunities in Slovenia is available at the following link:



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